Hi I’m Allwin, I am from Auckland, New Zealand and some of my hobbies are playing basketball and listening to music. I am passionate about helping others and helping communities.
Hello there, I’m Anthony Shen. I enjoy contemplating different approaches to social and global issues. I love to do 3D modeling and other creative crafts in my free time. Sometimes I like to go for a run and play badminton.
Hey guys, I’m Sam Wright. I have always loved sports especially surfing and hockey, and being intrigued by robotics and technology. I enjoy helping others and our community and hope our hard work is able to help many.
Hey, I’m Tomas! I’m an organised and ambitious person who loves momentum and accomplishment. I’ve had an interest in technology since I can remember and I’m contented that I get to use my knowledge in a project like RAD.
My name is Samuel Crump. I have spent my childhood around classic cars and sunny days in the Waitemata harbour. My main hobbies include playing and listening to music, making sure my car is squeaky clean, and designing/3D printing.

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Our Story

Having witnessed the profound impact dementia has on individuals and families, including his own, Allwin Christopher began investigating ways to address this serious issue as part of a school project in 2022. While conducting this research, the rest of RAD (Raise Awareness of Dementia), Samuel Crump, Anthony Shen, Tomas Vazquez Toniollo and Sam Wright, decided to join Allwin in order to fight this issue together.

In 2023, RAD officially became a proud participant of the Young Enterprise Scheme (for more information visit youngenterprise.org.nz) with their start-up. RAD has also registered for Community Problem Solving which is run by Future Problem Solving (Visit fpsnz.co.nz/cmps for more information) and is grateful to have built partnerships with Alzheimer’s NZ, Dementia NZ and Indian Newslink. With their Pūtake (reason for being) and a passion for creating a more dementia-aware world, RAD strives to bring authentic dementia-related information directly from the health professionals to the youth and millennials of Aotearoa and beyond. We aim to spread information about dementia and how to delay or possibly even prevent dementia through lifestyle changes from a young age.



Dementia is really misunderstood as an “old age disease”. It is not. The term “dementia” doesn’t actually refer to one specific disease. It’s an overall term for a set of symptoms that are caused by different disorders affecting the brain. It can in fact impact people in their 40’s and 50’s, so it is far from something that just the 65+ generation has to be concerned about.There are in fact hundreds of diseases that can cause Dementia symptoms. The most common is Alzheimer’s which affects about 40% of people. The other types such as Vascular, Frontal Temporal, Lewy Body & Early Onset Dementia each have their own unique attributes that attack the brain in a different way and so have different treatments. This can sometimes make dementia hard to understand, complex to deal with and difficult to really help those living with it.



Catherine Hall’s series

Rhonda Preston Jones’ series

Rhonda’s Series

Introduction to Rhonda Preston Jones

Hear about Rhonda’s story and learn about what she does at Dementia Auckland.

Dr.Parveen series


With RAD’s focus on raising awareness on dementia amongst the youth, we are investigating creative and engaging cognitive games. By offering games, we aim to actively create a fun way of not only raising awareness for dementia amongst the youth but also exercising their minds which can have a positive effect in the future and minimise the impacts of dementia.

Currently the team is intensively researching and prototyping the app & games in order to bring innovative and engaging cognitive games for you. Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about the launch of the app when it’s ready.

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To become Dementia friends





This website and all the information contained here have been given by professionals with their full permission to spread their knowledge. RAD does not claim to own any of the information we put out and acknowledges that these materials are from participants who have agreed to collaborate with us.




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